Friday, September 30, 2011

Switzerland Is Country #12

Switzerland is officially the twelfth country that I've visited and the first foreigh port of call of this trip. I'm only changing airplanes in Zurich, but I'm counting it as a visit to Switzerland because (a) I had to go through passport control and have my passport stamped as entering Suisse, (b) I bought a souvenir (to forever cherish those those memories of my 90 minutes in Switxerland) and spending cash = visiting, and (c) I'm trying to inflate my count of the total number of countries I visited so airport layovers count since my feet have touched the soil, or, at least the tile flooring of Zurich.

I didn't get to see any of Switzerland other than the innards of the airport. It was a foggy dreary day, so no Matterhorn, no alpine lakes, no Heidi. Just a tiny little fog-encrusted airport.

I actually had to go though airport security for each leg of the flight. McCarran, of course. Then, in Chicago O'Hare, I had to exit the domestic area, walk briskly across the world's busiest, then go through international security. I accidentally walked into the no-line first class security checkpoint, which meant I was treated like someone not to be [trifled] with it. And then more security at ZRH. But no customs inspection when I landed at Prague.

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