Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Art Car Museum

Early 70s Karmann Ghia. Covered in seashells.
When I was in Houston over Christmas, the Art Car Museum was closed.

So with a weekend trip to Houston and Galveston on the itinerary, I thought I would visit.  This time it was open.

Houston is famous for its "art car" scene and its annual "Art Car Parade," held in April.  All of the vehicles on display at the museum are (a) driveable and (b) once were actually driven in the actual parade.  My favorite of the cars on display was shell-encrusted Karmann Ghia:

This Monte Carlo was quite interesting, too:

I thought this Prius was a little "eh," but apparently it is someone's regular transportation ride and, thus, only on temporary loan:


Finally, there was this little number, the only one of the four cars on display not to have started life on the showroom floor as a common model:

I'm guessing one would have to be jockey-sized to pilot this vehicle which, incidentally, appeared to be a British model (steering on the right).

And the fact that there were only four vehicles points to the problem with this museum.  It's too small.  But I guess the actual owners of these "art cars" want to keep them for themselves -- and in some cases drive them -- rather than put them in a museum for show,  So I guess the real solution is not a visit to the art car museum, but a visit to an art car parade.  Some day.

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