Saturday, April 1, 2017

Redondo Redoubt

Catching a few rays at Redondo Beach
The whole point of the overnight road trip was to take the students to the California beach.  Redondo Beach was selected for one reason:

The Redondo Beach Hotel.

It had a room available for just a Saturday night.  And while it was not "on" the beach per se, it was beach "adjacent," as we would call it in the real estate writing profession.  It was an excellent hotel,  Clean and quiet,  Huge breakfast buffet.  Nice pool and jacuzzi.  Awesome location.  Not-ridiculous room rate.

This is the main road alongside the waterfront in Redondo Beach:

We took a post-breakfast stroll around the waterfront.

The first site was this statue of two brothers who were very very ultra ultra important in the development of California beach culture.

Bill and Bob Meistrell.  The inventors of the first practical wetsuits.  Without them there would have been no California surf culture.  Because the Pacific Ocean is dang cold.

Like all respectable oceanside towns, Redondo Beach has a marina and it has a beach.  First, marina:

This picture wants me to tune the SiriusXM all the way to Channel 311 for some Yacht Rock:

Sailing.  Takes me away.

Here's a pier of shops:

Contemplative students:

This one speaks for itself:

This was supposed to be a romantic cruise ship, but it looks a little too Munsters/Addams Family for that:

More cool boats:

Unfortunately, one of the hazards of a day at the beach is the potential for shark attacks:

Yes.  I encouraged this sort of behavior,  Did I say "encouraged"?  Actually, it was more like "demanded."

More of the marina:

Now for some whale watching.  Yes, I could make the comment a few photos above because I too am a "person of girth."


But I'm wearing shades so you can't see who I am.

This next one is quite artsy.  I am photographing the Danish student photographing me.  Wheels within wheels.

Here's one for the geography nerds (clue: the signage on the right):

Lots and lots of piers here in Redondo,

The European students:

Did you know that "Redondo" is Spanish for "round"?

Finally, we have a picture of the beach.

Let's look at the beach using the enhanced photo editing effects available on my laptop.

That is using the "Napa" filter.  Ironically, it's the best for bringing out the natural color of sand, the irony being that Napa is not oceanfront.

Fishing pier:

The piers here are seemingly without peer.

Drone in flight over the pier:

We ended up spending the whole day at Redondo.  We were going to go to Venice to see the human circus there, but nobody felt like wasting an hour (or more) in L.A. traffic.  So we Redondo-ed all day, until it was time for a late lunch,

Followed by a long drive home.

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