Friday, March 28, 2014

Road to Phoenix: Nothing

Once there was Nothing here.
Normally a weekend drive to the Big Phoney would not warrant vacation blogging.  I mean I was desperate for the time off, but re-opening the vacation blog?  Not normally what I would do.  Except:  I want to make sure I know how to use all the vacation blogging tools with the new laptop before I head off to Brazil in less than 90 days.  Less than 80 days in fact.

Hence blogging my stop at Nothing.  Nothing, Arizona.  Which used to be a convenience store in the middle of nowhere between the twin metropolises (metropoli? metropoles?) of Wikieup and Wickenburg.  The Twin Wicks, so to speak.

There once was a convenience store. Now there's nothing but gravel.
Just some faded signage is all that's left of Nothing.

Solar panels and radio antennae. It may be abandoned, but it's 21st Century.
I originally was going to make this my mostly-annual trip to Arizona for baseball spring training.  But I'm taking the year off for baseball.  Between the Red Sox love from the national media and the Derek Jeter farewell tour of which I am already wretchingly sick, the magic is gone from my love affair with baseball.  So instead of checking spring training schedules, I checked the Culvers flavors of the days listing.  Instead of a ballyard, I decided to go to the M.I.M.

And I will stop at Nothing.

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