Monday, May 4, 2015

Stations of the Cross on Monserrate

Walking the Stations of the Cross on Monserrate
This may be my favorite Stations of the Cross that I have seen, given the combination of the quality of the statuary and the incredibly beautiful physical setting. I do have a bias in favor of outdoor stations.

Given that I am a hardcore Catholic, I take my Stations of the Cross seriously. That means I will forgo the snarky commentary and just mention which station is in which picture.

Station I:
Jesus is condemned to death

Station II:
Jesus is made to carry the cross

Station III:
Jesus falls for the first time

Station III (alternate angle)

Station IV:
Jesus meets his mother

Station V:
Jesus is helped by Simone the Cyrene

Station VI:
Jesus's face is wiped by Veronica

Station VII:
Jesus falls for the second time

Station VIII:
Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem

Station IX:
Jesus falls for the third time

Station X:
Jesus is stripped of his clothes

Station XI:
Jesus is nailed to the cross

Station XII:
Jesus dies on the cross

Station XIII:
Jesus is taken down from the cross

Station XIV:
Jesus is placed in the sepulcher

Station XV:
Jesus rises on the third day

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