Friday, July 21, 2017

Morning Stroll Through Sitka

This picture taken from within Sitka National Historical Park has it all:
a clear view of Mount Edgecumbe, the O'Connell Bridge, and St, Michael's Orthodox Cathedral
Circumstances dictated a truncated visit to Sitka.  And that meant I had to squeeze out maximum Sitka in a minimum time.  So the day started with a stroll to Sitka National Historical Park through the heart of the city.  Town.

It is a small town, so I was only about two blocks from the Super 8 when I saw this nice view of Saint Michael's Orthodox Cathedral.  It looked nicer lit by actual real tangible sunlight.  And without that party-trolley-bus-thing being pushed around it,

One more block and I was at the harbor.

Boats in a harbor are very photogenic.

They make those us wholly unskilled in photography look like we know what we're doing.

Here's framing the boats with evergreens.

Here's framing them with purple flowers.

But Sitka is more than boats in a harbor.  There's the Bishop's House.

This is the oldest standing structure in Sitka.  This is a high school along the harbor.

Sitka is lousy with totems.  So lousy with totems that even a high school rates a totem.

Here's whale statuary along the harbor walk.

This is St. Peter's By The Sea Episcopal Church.  Normally I wouldn't be photographing episcopal churches, especially when there is a Catholic church just about next door (St. Gregory's).

St. Peter's By The Sea is a beautiful historic structure.  Built in 1899.  (The Catholic church was not photographed out of respect.  It's a boring modern building.)

Oh and don't be nervous about this street name in Sitka, at the far eastern end of the downtown.

It's not named for THAT Jefferson Davis.  It's named for General Jefferson Davis who did a lot of work in the 1890's developing Sitka.

And we reach the end of this particular trail with some beachcombing, Sitka style.

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