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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You Might Wake Up in Luxembourg

Palais du Luxembourg in Luxembourg Gardens
Right near my hotel is the famous Paris Jardin du Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Gardens.  Paris is filled with parks and gardens, and Luxembourg Gardens is generally considered to be one of the best.  Let's take a look,

Ducks in the park.

This is a commemoration to the French Resistance,  I wandered the gardens waiting for my chosen restaurant open.  OK.  7:00PM.  It opened.  Time for dinner at La Ferrandaise on Rue de Vaugirard.  It says that it serves gastronomic cuisine from the French terroir.  Organic, and all that, too.

I ordered from the three-course prix-fixe menu.  For starters, I ordered the chicken terrine, with avocado.  This is a French chicken meatloaf, with bell peppers.  Once I spread the avocado on top of it -- French guacamole, I guess -- it turned into wonderful.

The main course was the rosemary-flavored veal saute with rice pilaf.  The veal was lean and tender.

Finally, for dessert, salted butter caramel and coconut pot.  The caramel had a pudding-like texture.  Very nice.

Time to walk off all those calories, so I will finish my stroll through the Luxembourg Gardens,

This is Fontaine de l'Observatoire, the fountain at the south entrance to the gardens.  The water was turned off.  Not sure why.  Paris has had PLENTY of water lately.

This was a statue in honor of so-and-so that is just outside Luxembourg Gardens.

And these are people hanging in the Gardens.

Then, the sun started to go down and it was closing time in the Luxembourg Gardens.

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