Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Stradun

This is the Stradun. It is the main pedestrian mall in the Old City section of Dubrovnik. The part of Dubrovnik within the old walls is car-free, pedestrian only. If this were the heighth of tourist season, the Stradun would be elbow-to-elbow. This is definitely a tourist town. Euro-tourists. I was speaking with a couple from England at dinner, who also were talking to a large table of Austrians (as opposed to a table of large Austrians, although, that too would have been accurate). I took a picture of a couple from the Ukraine. I hear all sorts of languages on the streets, only one of which I've thus far recognized (English).
I had dinner at the Moby Dick. In Dubrovnik. I was reading a biography of Herman Melville on the plane trip across the Atlantic -- yes, seriously, my lack of having a life has reached that point -- so I thought that restaurant would be good. I had fish. And when I say "fish," I mean the waiter brought over a platter of freshly caught dead fish and I selected the particular fellow on whom I would be dining. He said the fish was a "sole flounder." I guess the breed name got lost in translation. For dessert, I had a tasty lemon ice cream from an ice cream/gelato shop on the Stradun. Apparently strolling the Stradun with an ice cream in hand is THE thing to do for an evening's entertainment in the Old City. I got no problem with that.

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