Wednesday, April 28, 2010

McCarran Airport D-Gates

The warm glow of vacation is already washing over me.
The glow started glowing when I checked my one (large) bag and I realized that the next time I will see Big Green, I will be in Dubrovnik. Croatia. I've been obsessing on this trip for over half a year and it's now just hitting me?
My large suitcase is filled with about seven days worth of clothing and supplies for this 12-day trip. That means I failed to commit to either (1) pack light or (2) pack for the entire trip, strategy. Instead, I opted for the neither fish nor fowl option of packing more than I would need if I did laundry mid-trip, but less than I need for the full trip.
The security checkpoint at the D Gates was a mess. My first thought was: What a hassle! And All the waiting time for my layovers! Yes. It is such a hassle to be able to fly halfway across the world in less than 24 hours. Compare/contrast with the grandfathers and the paternal grandmother travelling in steerage across the ocean to a strange land where they don't speak the language. Well, I guess I do have something in common there. I will not be able to speak the tongue of where I am going, And I am travelling in the modern equivalent of steerage. Coach.
In about 20 hours elapsed time, I will be on the ground in Croatia. Not being able to speak a lick of the language.
Here in McCarran, I hardly ever use the D Gates. I'm more the C Gates/Southwest kind of guy. So I never before notice the really cool jackrabbit decorated the main concourse of the D's. THe weathered skin looks like dried mud. Very desert-ish.

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