Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last day in Belém, Last Day in Brazil

I love the crane and railroad car at the Estação das Docas
My last day in Belém means it's my last day in Brazil.  It's Monday, segunda-feira, which means just about nothing should be open today.  So I just decided to wander the city and soak in my last soak of Brazil.

Near the Theatro da Paz
The area around the Theatro da Paz looks very different without the market-goers packed in elbow-to-elbow or, as I would say if I were Brazilian, packed in bunda-a-bunda (since the Brazil is all about the bunda).

Street vendors set up everywhere and anywhere
Brazil would be playing its final group stage game today, so Brazilwear is for sale everywhere.  Even vuvuzelas in bright green and yellow, the colors of Brazil.

Outside the Estação das Docas
The Estação das Docaswas open, although the only food places open was Cairu, the sorveteria, the ice cream shoppe.  Which was cool.  (Literally!)  The ice cream shoppe was the only food shoppe in which I was interested.  Time for one last rain forest flavor of ice cream.  So many flavors I don't recognize.  What to get.  What to get.  The Paraense looks interesting.  The buca-whatever?  Hmmmm.  The counter person is getting impatient with me.

I panic.

And I order the Açaí.  While not so exotic that it never reaches the USA, it is sufficiently exotic that it never reaches the USA as ice cream.  Refreshing and oh-so healthful is that açaí berry when it's served in ice cream form.

Things are relatively quiet over at the Ver-O-Peso.

Not many market goers shopping on a segunda-feira
So quiet.

Near the river
Not much business for the older couple shelling Brazil nuts.  They were there at that location every day I walked past, busy shelling nuts.

I'd have made a purchase if I liked Brazil nuts
My time out today was drawing to a close.  Time to head back to the Residencia Karimbo Amazonia, the B&B where I stayed in Belém.

Residencia Karimbo Amazonia on Travessa Piedade (a street Belém cabbies could never find)
Time to shower up, pack, and catch a taxi to the airport.

Which means another vacation has come to a close.

Which means another vacation blog has come to a close.  I will be back here with a special edition second mega-vacation blog this September, when it's back to Croatia.

At the Belém airport, ready to start the long, three-part journey home via Brasilia and Atlanta

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