Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photographing Food. Finally.

Main course
One of my favorite things to do when I travel, aside from eating good food I can't get at home, is photographing delicious food that I can't get at home.  I have been lax in doing this.

So last night I had a very photogenic dinner at the Restaurante Dos Mares (Restaurant of the Seas) in the Ponta Negra district of Natal.  Pro tip:  when in Natal, and looking to eat at the "Dos Mares," again "of the seas," not "two seas," this isn't Spanish, make sure you have the correct "Dos Mares."  On Friday night, we were looking for Restaurante Dos Mares, the #17 rated restaurant out of 1782 in Natal, and ended up at the Mestre Dos Mares, the #1781 rated restaurant in Natal.  (Actually, it's a still dangerous #792, which is deserving.)

The food at the Mestre Dos Mares wasn't bad, but it was a tourist rip-off beachfront restaurant.  Appetizers that weren't ordered appear on the bill.  There was a cover charge for the "free music."  The shrimp was good, but about what you'd get from any mid-tier restaurant in any beach town.

Restaurante Dos Mares was much better.  My only beef is that they had the a/c dialed down all the way to "Antarctic."  I had the camarão com quatro queijos, shrimp with four cheeses, with grilled broccoli and golden potatoes.  For my appetizer:

A crab gratin that was quite tasty.  All washed down with an agua con gas.  Because if you are just going to order an agua, why wouldn't you get it "con gas"?  I mean, come on, me drink agua sem gas.  Be.  Real.

Looks good enough to eat.  And, in fact, I did.

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