Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Quarta-Feira: the first real beach day

Ponta Negra beach photographed to look amazingly (and misleadingly) tranquil
Wednesday.  We got in late afternoon last Thursday.  So that means we are one week into the trip to the City of the Sun, the Brazilian city that boasts of over 300 days of sunshine per annum.  And we finally get a beach day.

Actually, it was more of a beach "late morning."  Lounging on a beach all day is not my idea of a good vacation time.  But walking on the beach for a bit late in the morning, before doing something else (clue: it will be the road trip to see the world's largest cashew tree!)?  That is fun.  So without commentary interruption, I will give you scenes from my walk along Praia Ponta Negra in Natal, Brazil:

Street along the beach
Setting up the beach
All sorts of different carts selling food.
Some carts even grill food. Navigation is more difficult at high tide
Riding the waves
Every beach in Brazil is required to have a soccer game at least every 250m. Or so it seems. 
Board rental? I'm guessing here. Help me out. 
I'm guessing this is something a group can ride in the water. Preferably an inebriated group. But I'm flailing here.
Getting closer to the Dolphin Cliffs at the sound end of Praia Ponta Negra
Muscle beach comes to Praia Ponta Negra? 
Artsy shot of the skyline of Natal with rocks in the foreground. 
At the Dolphin Cliffs. Can't get much farther south. Note the militar in the bottom left corner.
Um cão (a dog) taking shade on a hot morning
Brasileiros love their flipflops, but this is the first time I saw them being used as a soccer goal
House displaying flags of the eight teams playing group-stage games in Natal: Mexico, Cameroon, USA, Ghana, Japão, Grecia, Italy and Uruguay.
Girl wearing fio dental surrounded by guys 
The family that pyramids together, stays together
Lifeguards relaxing under a shade tree. Looking cool. And cool.

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