Friday, June 10, 2016

Dinner at the Seafood Grill

Dinner tonight at the Sjávargrillið, if you prefer Icelandic spelling, Sjavargrillid, if you want the Icelandic word rendered in the English alphabet, or "Seafood Grill" if you want the "I'm American so I'm speaking American" spelling.

Dinner tonight was excellent.  For my appetizer, I had the Seafood Soup.

Mussels and shrimps and scallops in a delicious herb-intensive broth.  I believe that's a fennel sprig on top.

For my main course, I had the "Grilled & Lemon Marinated Salmon":

Awe. Some.  From the menu (and I've made the menu a hot link so you can check it out if you want), I thought this would mean that my piece of salmon would be marinated in lemon, then grilled.  No.  It was two pieces of salmon underneath all that garnish.  One was grilled.  The other was sashimi style, perhaps (very lightly) seared, which apparently had been marinated in lemon.  Not a strong lemon flavor, but amazingly delicious nevertheless.

I had an "Icelandic Kaffi" for dessert.  Not sure of the alcohol with which the coffee drink was fortified, but it was good.  Hot coffee with booze and a giant dollop of real whipped cream. What is not to love!

Located on the Skólavörðustígur. Highly recommended for your dining pleasure when you are in downtown Reykjavik.

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