Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Futuristic Hotel from the Prisoner

Welcome to the future
Before I post my final installment about this trip, I feel my Paris hotel deserves a post of its own.

I am staying for this last night at the Citizen M Hotel at Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport.  When I say "at," I mean it's a five-minute walk to the airport.  It's got that futuristic vibe to it.

Or more like something from The Prisoner.  At least on the TV screen welcoming me in my room, I am Robert.  I am not a number.  I'm a free man.

This is the check-in desk.  Notice:  no people.  That's right.  You check yourself in.  (There is an employee to guide you through the process if you need her.  But you check yourself in.)  You even make your own room key.

The lobby is huge.  Because the rooms are small.

Everything is red or white.  Or red and white.  This is the corridor leading to my room.

And this is my room:

It's small, but it's bigger than my room in the Paris Latin Quarter.  Or the Skuggi in Iceland.  So by Euro standards, the room is enormous.

This is the desk.  Again.  Red.  And white.

And this is my bed, at the far end of the room, the length of the bed being the width of the room.  Efficient use of space.

As is the "WC" in the middle of the room, shielded off from the rest of the room by translucent plastic.

Note the purple tinge to the light.  You can change the color of the lighting in the room on the iPAD in the room that use to adjust all controls, including light color.

If I see someone pedaling through the lobby on a velocipede -- or if I am being chased by a giant bouncey white blob -- I'm leaving.  I'm not even going up to my room to get my stuff.

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