Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Dinner at Sanalejo

Entrance to Sanalejo
Dinner Saturday night was at Sanalejo Restaurante Muebles Antiguedades.  A restaurant!  A furniture store!  Decorated in Colombian kitsch, the food was awesome.
Sanalejo is in the town of Cajicá, north of Bogotá.  You walk in and you notice two things.  First, the kitschy decor:
The kitsch of Sanalejo
Second, and much more importantly, you notice the delicious aroma of perfectly-grilling meat.
The seating area of Sanalejo
The view across the dining area
The taste of the food lived up to its aroma.  My meal here was perfect.  I ordered the Lomo de Res, 350 gram size, with a side dish whose name translates to something like "poured out potatoes," which were roasted potatoes in a sauce made of tomatoes, onions, cream, and some fresh herbs I could not identify.  Yes, once again, take me out of the USA and I will eat my tomatoes.  If the tomato/onion combo sounds like salsa, it's not.  Colombianos are not into hot and spicy.
It did not take long for my food to arrive:
Lomo de res: perfección
It was perfección.  The meat was perfectly grilled.  The two side sauces were the perfect accompaniment.  The potatoes were awesome.  I was so full, I could only order an aguardiente for a dessert digestif.  (Aguardiente. Translation: "fire water." Seriously.)

Sanalejo.  Not just worth the trip northward to Cajicá.  It would be worth the trip to Colombia alone.

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