Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dinner at the Mi Ranchito in Amador

The Mi Ranchito in the Amador section of Panama City
I'm hungry.  And I'm in Panama.  So I have a hunger for some Panamanian food.  There's a TGI Fridays's in the Country Inn & Suites.  Call me judgmental, but I'm suspecting that it might be insufficiently "Panama" to satisfy my appetite for some Panamanian Food.  I ask for recommendations and multiple people recommend:  Restaurante Mi Ranchito.
I ordered the Pollo Deshuesado al Ajillo:

Pollo Deshuesado al Ajillo with a side order of Patacones
I was drawn to "al Ajillo" because I had a trout dish in Salento, Colombia, last year that was "al Ajillo," in a garlic cream sauce, and it was one of the best tasting meals I ever had in my life.  This chicken "al Ajillo" was eh.  OK.  Not great.  And the patacones, known as "tostones" in all the Cubano restaurants, were a little starchier than I would get in a Cubano restaurant. Not quite as crispy.

I did enjoy the Batido de Guanabana, the guanabana shake I had as my dessert course.

The best part of the meal: mi batido de guanabana
I'm not yet willing to say whether it is Panamanian food that is merely "eh", or whether it was this one tourist-sponge of a restaurant.  Probably more the latter.  Well, I've got 36 more hours of eating to find out.

So why did I go to Mi Ranchito?  And why would I recommend it notwithstanding the previous comments?  The view!

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