Sunday, November 17, 2013

Morning in Salto (Before the Long Drive Back to Montevideo)

Looking down Artigas
I woke up in my hotel in Salto.  The next bed in which I sleep will be my own (with a long overnight flight in between).

The original vacation plan was to stop and visit another Uruguayan city on the drive back to Montevideo's Carrasco International Airport.  Uruguay's tourist mecca Colonia del Sacramento was the likely victim.  But I'm 12 days into this holiday.  I'm tired of seeing new places.  A slow morning in Salto and getting to Montevideo in time for supper seemed like a better plan.

I found two interesting places to keep in mind for the next time I'm in Salto, Uruguay.

Salto Post Office
The Salto Post Office!  I hadn't seen a single post office location in Uruguay before this.  I was suspecting Uruguay might be like Colombia where no one ever mails anything.  So I didn't bother stocking up on picture postcards.  Turns out, I could've mailed them in Salto if I had only planned ahead (i.e., found a post office before Sunday).

Then there was this dessert spot:

Heladeria Nevada!
La Heladeria Nevada!  The Nevada Ice Cream Shoppe.  It probably was named for the Spanish meaning of la palabra "Nevada," "snow-covered," rather than my state.  But maybe just maybe it's a little bit o' the Silver State right here in northwest Uruguay.

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