Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dinner at an Authentic Danish Restaurant

Frk. Barners Kelder Authentic Danish Cuisine (so they say)
I try to eat the local cuisine when I travel, so I found a restaurant that billed itself as authentic Danish cuisine.  This is not that "New Nordic" cuisine that has been in the news, where dishes costs the price of new cars (and not Kias either) and reservations must be made decades in advance.  Real Danish, which means the place must be redolent of dill weed or it is fake.

Homey interior
I ordered a Skovlyst brown for my beer.  It's a Danish beer, too small to be a mega-brand, too big to be a microbrew.  It was tasty and sweet.  For my appetizer course: Skagen toast.

Skagen toast
Ahhh,  A taste of Jutland!  This was shrimp in a creamy dill sauce and some fish roe, to be eaten as an open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød) on VERY buttery toast.  And a sprig of dill for garnish because this is Denmark.  There is no such as too much dill weed!

For dinner?  Salmon steak.

Salmon steak entree
A grilled piece of salmon, with the skin a nice crisp.  Asparagus.  Boiled potatoes.  Where's the dill, you say?  In the dipping sauce, which is a tartar sauce made with dill instead of pickle relish like in the states (although, for those of you wanting authentic Danish cuisine in America, the Beaver Brand mustard people make a tartar sauce with just dill weed, no pickle relish).

A very heavy, filling meal.

One final note for the evening.  Back at my hotel, in the stairwell.

Another little mermaid, but not THE little mermaid
They have a little mermaid.  Again, it is a little mermaid, but it's not THE little mermaid.  It's like little mermaids are a signature of Copenhagen or something,

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