Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Dali Jewels

And what better way to finish a Dali tour than to see the Dali jewels.  Later in his career, Dali took to designing intricate jewelry based on images from his artwork.

The jewelry is housed in the same Teatro Dali as the rest of his art.  Separate entrance.  Separate admission price.  Well worth the extra few euro to see,

Even the schematics for the design were interesting to see,

Some of the pieces were not necessarily for wearing.

Although I guess you could wear the jeweled spider as a sort of headpiece.

This is a corset ring.  It might hurt to wear.

Let's have a closer look.

This one reminded me of the World Cup trophy.

My three favorite pieces were these.

#3.  The melted timepiece.  A Dali classic.

#2.  The heart.  Because it does this:

I do hope it plays.  I've never uploaded a video before.

And finally ...

#1.  The eye.  Signed by Dali.  With the red jewel "blood spot" at the far left.  Beautiful.

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