Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From Copenhagen to Barcelona

Central Station Copenhagen
The day began in Copenhagen and ended in Figueres, Spain, which is about two hours north of Barcelona.

One last look at Copenhagen before heading to the airport.

Good-bye Denmark.  There is so much more of you to see.  The insides of Tivoli!  The Viking Boat Museum in Roskilde!  Maybe, someday, even the Island Paradise of Bornholm!  'Til we meet again, Denmark. 

Good-bye Denmark and hell to all this.

Spain.  Where they top ice cream with a generous dollop of cotton candy.  Why?  It's Spain.

I flew from Copenhagen to Barcelona for the second half of this vacation and rented a car to drive to Figueres.  Figueres what a few hours north.  There was only enough time for supper at the local Sidreria Txot's (Txot's Cider House),  For tapas!  Catalonia is where they invented tapas, so tapas isn't an expensive trendy thing, it's supper.

And what a supper.

Squid strips!  Chorizo cooked in cider!

A chicken and ham croquette (muy delicoso) (muy).

Hard cider -- this is a "sidreria" after all -- served aerated out of this contraption.

There were more sausages and beef on a skewer and fig cream topped with cotton candy (which you already saw) and the local digestif.  I'm actually liking this "tapas" thing

Sidreria Txot's.  For all your tapas needs.  In Downtown Figueres.

Lots of delicious food and tasty drink soon had me in a mood for this.

Sleep.  Glorious sleep.  At the Hotel Duran.  In Downtown Figueres.

By the way, the laptop here is acting up and could die at any time.  I'm having problems with the "backlighting" on the screen, which will render it occasionally sporadically and eventually permanently unusable.  So vacation blogging could end prematurely.  Just warning.

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