Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dinner at Ciutat Comtel

Benvinguts a la Ciutat Comtal (Catalan)
Bienvenidos a la Ciudad Condal (Spanish)
We finally got into the tapas restaurant recommended by the hotel concierge:  Ciutat Comtal, if the Catalan, Ciudad Condal, en español.  Google translator translates both the Catalan and the Spanish as "Barcelona."

It was packed.  But the reason is that this was the best tapas place at which ate so far.

No seats at the tapas bar, so we had to wait for an actual table.

This was the last of the giant boiled prawns.  Barcelona loves to serve up the prawns full-bodied, heads and all.

This was a most delicious stuffed red pepper.  I come from a long line of stuffed pepper eaters, so I had to try it.  So what was it stuffed with?  Cod puree.  Tasted much better than it sounds.  It was awesome actually, so free your mind of any prejudice you may have against cod in a pureed form.

The last of the tapas they served up was the beef tenderloin, topped by a mild pepper.  Sabroso.  Oh wait, we're speaking Catalan here, not Spanish.  Saborós.

Is it time to try something other than tapas?

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