Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bled, Slovenia: Walking Around the Lake

Lake Bled in the pouring rain is nothing special. It's nice, but in that "I drove all the way here just to see that?" sort of way. But when I finished supper, the rain had ended, if only briefly, so I walked down to the lake.

It looked incredible. I don't know if you can quite say that the sun had come out, but there was definitely natural lighting, with shadows and reflections. It wasn't just a dreary gray anymore. And with the bits of fog around the lake, the lake, the island, the church, the castle, all looked magical. Disney magical! Like Bled is supposed to look.

So, with some decent lighting to work with, my quest was to take the perfect picture of Lake Bled. I came to Bled with only three things in mind to do: (1) visit the island [check], (2) birthday dinner at the 1000-year-old castle [scratch that], and (3) walk the perimeter of the lake. As Meat Loaf once sang, two out of three ain't bad.

Here's Castle Bled, on the foggy hill overlooking the lake:

Nicely evocative.

I love animal shaped trash cans, wherever I find 'em. What can I say?

Does that one capture the perfect evocative mood? Rowboats docked, with the church and its reflection. Moody/artsy, but in the good way?

I thought this one, one of the good swans -- the east coast swans apparently are kinder-gentler than the west coast swans -- not unlike that the notorious rapper feud in the 90s -- this captured a mood, no? Or maybe this one, a pletna boat, foreground, with the church and its reflection in the background:

But, finally, about two-thirds of the way around the lake, before the sun set, I got the "too cute for yout's" perfect picture. The church on the island, reflected in the water, with mother duck and her ducklings:

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