Sunday, May 9, 2010

Budapest, Hungary: City of Good Food

Budapest is a city of good food. I am eating well here even though I have to avoid the delicious-smelling baked goods.

Friday night I ate at the Dunaparti Matróz Kocsma, which translates to the "Sailor Inn." It's two doors down from my hotel in the Víziváros section of town. I had a delicious catfish served over a potato pancake in an onion sour cream sauce. And delicious cherry tomatoes. I hate tomatoes, but these things (like the tomatoes in Croatia were crispy, crunchy and fruity, as well as vegetably. The dish was reputedly trez Hungarian. Don't care. It was completely delicious.

Saturday night's dinner at the Szent Jupát Étterem , off Moszkva tér (Moscow Square), not too far from the hotel. I had a beef tenderloin dish served "Budapest" style, which meant vegetable-laden rice, pearl onions, tomatoes, and a delicious brown sauce. To. Die. For. (As you can see me enjoying it, above.) I washed it down with a glass of Hungarian red and, for dessert, an Unicum, since I can't eat the cakes.

Unicum is the interesting-tasting herbal liqueur that Hungarians love and everyone else loathes.

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