Monday, May 3, 2010

Ferry Across The Kvarner

My time on the Island of Pag was too brief. Less than one full day. The Island of Dirt, Rocks, Sheep and Strong Wind. I'll say it again: it's as if Nevada were an island!
I took a different route off Pag, since I would be heading northward. Slovenia beckons! I drove north from the City of Pag and caught the ferry boat across a channel of Kvarner Gulf to the mainland town of Zigljen. Where I drove straight up a mountainside. (The Dinaric Alps are steep along this part of the coast.)
I learned a number of important life lessons on this drive from Pag notherward. Lesson #1: there is no such thing as driving in a straight line in Croatia. The road may look like a line on a map where all of Croatia appears as a single map page. But maps lie. I was continually rounding curves, only occasionally faster than my comfort zone. I was glad I had no passenger as the E65 at the speed I was trying to maintain would've been a sure-fire formula for car sickness. Lesson #2: RVs are a problem on the road in more places than Nevada and Arizona. Or even North America, for that matter. Let me tell you. It's no fun being stuck behind an RV climbing a mountain straight up. And how the RV even got on the road from ferry landing is beyond me because there were no RVs on my ferry. It's like it was lying in wait.
So it was a long drive up the E65 to cover what should've been the short distance to Rijeka, the main city in Kvarner Gulf region of Croatia. From Rijeka, I planned on picking up the main arterial highway across the north of Croatia, the A6, just east of Rijeka. After missing the turn-off, I doublebacked a few miles and found it. The intent was to take a backdoor into Slovenia to take in two sites: Hum and Hrastovlje. One was a success.

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