Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pag, Croatia: After Dark

It was a dark and stormy night in Pag. Light misty rain, actually. It was dusky when I finished supper, so I decided to walk the mile to downtown Pag to work off the big meal. The rain started to pick up, so that was that.
Why did I walk? Herbal schnapps. I had a shot of schnapps as a pre-dinner aperitif, and as my dessert. And I had the stronger-than-usual house wine with supper. So I was cruisin' on the boozin'. Which meant: hoof it. In the sprinkly rain.
The schnapps were tasty. They were "infused" with local herbs rosemary, sage and mint. The flavor was that of freshly-baked focaccia bread. Which works for an aperitif, believe it or not.
As for the pictures:
(1) One of the many harbors dotting the Pag environs.
(2) The remnants of the town's former wall. Not very protective anymore, considering how little distance it covers. So if the Island of Rab, or Krk, decides to invade, Pag is toast.

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