Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dubrovnik, Croatia: The Stradun at Night

My last night in Dubrovnik. Here are a few night time street scenes. The top one is shot in "night" setting on the digital camera (which, I guess, is now a "camera" and the other type is now a "film camera" or something like that). The night setting lets in more light, but subjects in motion are not clearly defined. The middle picture is shot on standard setting. The main areas of Dubrovnik are sufficiently bathed in light so that the night setting is not needed. The third picture is probably standard and not night setting, but I forget. And, no, it's not because I had one too many maraskinos (cherry apertif, trez Dalmatian).

Dubrovnik was an excellent place to start this trip. It's like the Epcot Croatian Pavilion! And you know how much I love the Epcot country pavilions! It's clean, friendly, crowded, pleasant-sounding music in the air. It's European, yet everyone speaks nicely accented English. And the food is a bit over-priced, but only a bit. It's extraordinarily clean. It mixes some faux historic with the real historic.

Tomorrow morning I drive up the Dalmatian coast to Pag.

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