Monday, September 8, 2014

Afternoon at the Olympics (then BMW)

Freddie Mercury at the 1972 Munich Olympics because why the hell not?
From the Englischer Garten to the 1972 Munich Olympics featuring a chance encounter with Freddie Mercury (in bronze).

Walking to the Olympic grounds
The Olympic grounds on the north side of Munchen/Munich are dominated by a large tower.  Question, because I legitimately don't remember: was this tower part of the Olympics in '72?  Did Jim McKay and ABC ever cut to shots of the tower in their Olympic coverage (from back in the old days when they broadcast events when -- get this -- they were happening) (and they would show events where Americans not only would not medal, but wouldn't even be in the competition for medals) (all without wasting broadcast time on vaseline-focused "triumph over unfathomable adversity" human interest stories).

The pool is there.  I didn't recognize it since they really didn't do exterior shots on the broadcast back then.  Back in the old days, we walked through 20 feet of snow uphill and barefoot to watch the Summer Olympics.  And they only showed sports.  Now, the Olympic ground features small children trapped in plastic bubbles.  For out amusement.

Hey Germans. There's a kid inside those plastic bubbles
Do something
Well, I was amused.

We then climbed the tower (in an elevator, thankfully), to get the aerial view.

Better than looking through the head of Miss Bavaria 1844
The round buildings are BMW world headquarters
Aerial view of Sister and B-I-L
The tower featured a "rock museum" near the top, hence being greeted by the bronze Freddie Mercury on the way in.  Well, another one bites the dust.

From there, as you may have been able to tell from the aerial view of the Olympic grounds, it was a short walk to BMW museum and display case.  Lots of Beemers on display:

New crop of Beemers. Freshly harvested.
I'm not much of a BMW fan.  But I did like the Mini Cooper display.

A yellow Mini Cooper received automotive acupuncture
Mini in green
I really liked the look of this Countryman:

Only 40,000 euro
If I was ever in the market for a car ever again (I hope my A3 lasts another 20 years), I would seriously consider getting this.  You can actually order your BMW at this factory and take delivery here.

Unfortunately, I did not have the euro to take the Countryman home.  So I settled for this little BMW baby:

Screw you, helmet laws!
What an intense ride.

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