Monday, September 8, 2014

Gardening in the Afternoon Sun

Gardening at noon
After a delicious lunch of sausages, sauerkraut and potatoes, it was time to walk Munich.

The weather forecast for the three days in Munich was cold and rainy.  It's been mild, low humidity, partly-to-mostly cloudy, and no sign of rain.  So the weather was right for an outdoor walking tour.  First destination: the English Gardens, or Englischer Garten.  (There are times when the translation between German and English is quite simple.)

Walking there we walk past Odeonplatz, which is quite photogenic.  And I'm not the first to notice that it is photogenic.  This is the plaza from which Hitler would deliver his addresses when visiting Munich.

Then through the Royal Garden, or Hofgarten.

Hofgarten, alongside the Munich Residenz, the royal residence in Munich (now museums)
The Munich Residenz have been altered from royal family lodging to museums.  I was outvoted on going to museums.  Damn warm sunshine.  I would've gotten my way if it had been a drizzly rain.

Along the Munich Residenz
Gazebo in the gardens
Gazebo (closer)
From there we continued the walk toward the Englischer Garten.

City gates always make for a great photograph
Or two
The Englischer Garden is huge.  It is the size of Central Park (so we were told) the largest urban park in Europe.  Its name is from the fact that it is an English "style" garden, which means more wild and natural, than a French "style," which is more orderly and organized.  The one main attraction in the Englisher Garten is the Great Pagoda:

Lots of people at the Great Pagoda
The Great Pagoda is a bandstand, with a traditional Bavarian style band playing on the second level.

It's a bandstand
Sadly, you can't go up in the Great Pagoda, unless you are carrying traditional Bavarian instruments.

Dining in the shadow of the Great Pagoda
Plenty of people drinking super-sized mugs and glasses of beer in the shadow of the Great Pagoda.

The Englischer Garten is full of nature that is beautiful to look at, but not very evocative in photographs.

Random family on a bridge
For example, here is a gurgling waterfall.

Waterfalls-rapids hybrid in the Englischer Garten
OK.  That ends the nature tour.

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