Friday, September 12, 2014

Zadar at Night

Me, dancing on the "Greeting of the Sun" at Zadar's waterfront
The hard and heavy rains did let up in the evening. So we talked the Old Town in search of a restaurant.

St Anastasia church tower at night
The most impressive mountains of gelato we've seen in Croatia

Southeast end of the Siroka ulica
We settled on the Pet Bunara:

We could not go inside. We had to eat outside
The Pet Bunara says that it seeves food that is local, seasonal and organic. Mmmm. I know. Really sounds like my bag. Actually, it was awesome ...

This veal calf did not die in vain. Neither did the potatoes.
I had the veal stuffed with ricotta cheese from nearby Pag Island, served with potatoes and mushrooms. Delicious.

We had to wait for a table because the joint was packed. So when you are in Zadar, make reservations and save yourself the wait for the table we had,

After a long, leisurely supper, we checked out the most prominent Zadar tourist attraction, the Sea Organ and the Greeting of the Sun.

Jadrolinija ferry, the government-operated Croatian monopoly ferry line, parked next to our hotel
We did not have to take a ferry, for it was a short walk to the Sea Organ and Greeting of the Sun. The Sea Organ is a musical organ, powered by the wave action of the Adriatic Sea. There are similar "organs" in Blackpool, England, and in San Francisco, but the Sea Organ is awesome. It is surprisingly melodic. This Youtube clip will give you an idea of the sound, since I can't record or post audio files on here.

Adding to the atmosphere is the "Greeting of the Sun." It is a solar-powered light show built into the pavement of Zadar's riva (boardwalk) next to the Sea Organ. The lights flash and change color in time and conjunction with the Sea Organ. It is beautiful.

Greeting of the Sun with the lights of the city in the background
Close-up of light panel
It was only a short walk from there back to the Hotel Bastion.

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