Monday, September 15, 2014

Up the Hill to Ljubljana Castle

This is where I am accosted by a dragon
We then went up the hill via funicular to Ljubljana Grad, the Ljubljana Castle.

Funicular to Ljublana Grad
The castle towers impressively over Ljubljana.

The Castle above the Old City
Other than the views from the castle grounds, especially the tower, that is what is most impressive about the Castle, its dramatic location on a bluff high above the city.

Why a kangaroo? Does there need to be a reason?
We bought our tickets for the funicular and the castle right across from this kangaroo statue. We rode the funicular up and were treated to this view:

Portrait of an American tourist
The views got even better from the top of the castle tower:

The castle was a bit underwhelming, notwithstanding the impressive views and dramatic location. First, it had too many new additions. It lacked architectural integrity. Second, it was never a true castle. It was not home to a Slovenian royal family. It was a fort. And as forts go, it is one impressive fort. It's just a tad underwhelming as a castle per se.

There also was an interesting museum at the castle on the history of Slovenia and the Slovene people. The informational descriptions of the artifacts was more interesting than the artifacts themselves. My favorite part of the museum? They had a replica of the "Dance of Death" fresco from the Holy Trinity Church in Hrastovlje, Slovenia, which I tried to visit my last time in Slovenia.

It's too long and thin for me to capture in one photograph, so let's look at it in segments.

The point is to show that we are all equal in death and, during a time of plagues and war, to laugh in the face of inevitable death.

Oh. And this guy was in the museum, off by himself, without much commentary:

And Tito, too

Good night, Mr. Dragon
But the Dragon, he don't care.

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