Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Split Day One: the Beach

Doesn't this look like a cruise ship advertisement?
After touring the Ivan Meštrović museum, I was then going to go to the Ivan Meštrović chapel nearby. It was part of my admission ticket, which means I already had paid for it.

Then I saw a beach.

I never made it to the chapel.

Croatian beach scene, as viewed from the top of the cliff 
Wider view of same.
The water is amazingly clear and blue, and so close to a city of a quarter million. And what makes this beach so quintessentially Croatian? Well, other than the fat men in tiny speedos. Notice that there is a water polo court marked off out in the water. Us Croats love our water polo.

Closer view of the water polo court
Granted this isn't Copacabana or South Beach Miami, but for an urban beach, this will do:

The "beach" part of the beach
Not sure why the waterside area is so developed here
Preparing for a naval war (I guess) 
The walk back to the Old Town was short. I didn't even have to climb back up the cliff:

At the east end of the beach, closer to town, there's an actual walkway
Soon you walk past typical waterfront scenes:

This, for example, would be a typical waterfront scene
And soon I'm back to where I started, right when the Segway tour would be ending for those who were having joy, were having fun, and were having Segways in the Sun.

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