Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Night Time in Split

Diocletian's Palace in Split.  Under a Super Moon.
As sometimes happens in very old cities in Europe, our hotel was located off a side street off a side street that both looked like pedestrian alleyways.  After missing the turn down the first pedestrian alley we were supposed to turn down and going way too far and circling back, we finally decided to call the hotel for directions.

The desk clerk asked us where we were.  I could not be any more specific than Split, seeing as the town was wholly lacking in street signage (which is an endemic problem in Croatia).  We finally parked in front of the Hotel Cornaro, which I was guessing was near our hotel, the Azur Palace.  The desk clerk said for us to stay put and that he would be there in one minute.  I told him that we were in the Ford Focus (which, incidentally, Dollar Rent-a-Car of Croatia labels a "mid-size.")

15 seconds he is at the car, directing us which alleyways to turn down.  Now that is personal service!

My room in the Azur Palace
My bathroom in the Azur Palace
The hotel has only been open since June.  The place is an interesting combination of European modern and old historic.  By European standards the rooms are huge.  I would highly recommend for your next visit to Split.

We were quite hungry, seeing as it had been several hours since our blintz snack in Petrovina.  We ended up at a wine bar.

The Bokeria Mediterranean Restaurant & Wine Bar:

The forecast was accurate
We had the Deli Platter for Two for three and an octopus salad.

Prsut is at the center of the Deli Platter for Two. As it should be!
In Split, they do not know how to make an Octopus Salad.  In Dubrovnik, and in Lake Bled, Slovenia, they do.  There, it is tender and mild (like the Baby Jesus) with just a little olive oil.  In Split, it is swimming in olive oil, which is not the problem.  It's also got chickpeas, garbanzos, whatever you call them, they are not good and they do not belong in an octopus salad.

Pass on the Split version of the Octopus Salad unless you see a place that advertises if as "Chickpea Free"
We then went for a walk around the neighborhood of our hotel in the old town section of Split, in the shadow of Diocletian's Palace:

I took more pictures but they really didn't turn out since it was night and I don't have steady enough aim to photograph well in dim light.

So stay tuned tomorrow for another episode of My Trip to Croatia II: the First of Hopefully Many Sequels.

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