Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Instead of Riding Segways in the Sun, I'm at the Museum of Archaeological Monuments

This is pretty much it
We had joy.
We had fun.
We had segways in the sun.
But the hills that we climbed were ...
Marjan Hill with a fantastic 360 degree view of all of Split and the Marjan Peninsula.

Well, that was the Sister and B-I-L. I was always the good kid who got the good grades and didn't talk back (as much) to the parents. So instead of Segways in the Sun, I'm at the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments.

Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments front sign
I got to the museum about 15 minutes before closing. (I got there at 12:45 p.m.) So I only had about 10 minutes to tour the entire collection. Fortunately for me, that was MORE than enough time. I had time to spare.

Highlights from the collection. Or, more accurately, the collection
The museum is very new. It is incomplete. Admission is free, so that's not a problem. I did get to read an interesting history of the various tribes that wandered through the lands that are now Dalmatia and Croatia. But the collection was still small.

So here's a picture of the top of Marjan Hill that I snapped near the museum:

White cross and Croatian flag at the top of Marjan Hill
I need to fill up some more space. So here are some pictures of boats in the Adriatic:

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