Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Another Croatian Town, Another Meštrović Museum

A cat with human hips and legs
Every time that I visit Croatia, I make sure to hit at least one museum dedicated to the art of Ivan Meštrović, internationally renowned sculpture and Croatia's greatest artist.

The Meštrović museum in Split is the second Meštrović museum I've visited. The first was the Meštrović Atelier in Zagreb back in 2010. Ivan Meštrović lived from 1883 to 1962. He is an actual big deal in the contemporary era of art. How big a deal? He was the first living person ever to have a one-man show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Let's have a look-see at the Ivan Meštrović museum of Split:

Entrance into the museum.
If you squint real closely, you can see the white cross at the top of Marjan Hill off to the right.
Through the door, up the stairs, looking back at the Adriatic

Let's tour the grounds first:

I don't know the names of these statues and I don't feel like pretending otherwise.

Here's the entryway into the actual museum:

Another variation on the whole cat/human theme 
View of a sailing ship on the Adriatic
Here are some of the highlights of the indoor galleries. I can't post too much or I will go beyond what's permissible under the fair use doctrine of intellectual property law. (And if I crossed a line, just let me know and I will correct.) (Don't sue me.)

Weirdly enough, probably demonstrative of my pedestrian tastes, this was my favorite. Straight up.
Boy with Pony
Boy with Pony. Seriously. There was something evocative about this piece that stands in stark contrast to the heavily-religious themes of many pieces, and the weird modernity of others.

Time for a museum selfie:
A beautiful sunny day and my friends all went out riding segways and here I am, in a museum

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