Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dinner at the Frank Zappa Caffe

I ate dinner at the Frank Zappa Caffe. I had no clue Frank was reknowned for his food and drink, but I do remember that he was sophisticated and surprisingly erudite, so why the heck not?

Interesting little pub. Some pictures of Mr. Zappa on the wall, but it wasn't a Hard Rock style memorabilia museum, by any means. Just someone who wanted to pay an homage to the late Mr. Zappa by naming hi cafe for the gentleman. I had the chicken ragout soup with tarragon (lots of tarragon) and a the cabbage roll with sour cream:

I didn't know sour cream and stuffed cabbage would play well together, but I decided to trust Mr. Zappa's sophistication as to culinary matters. It was quite good. It was very spicy, probably loaded with hot Hungarian paprika. The heat made the sour cream and welcome and necessary addition. There would be a jazz band playing that night. I stayed for a song, but then decided to explore the street festivities:

There was a beer festival going on in the blocks of this neighborhood. That's one of the great things about Budapest. Both times I've been here there is some sort of organized festival happening in the streets geared for the residents and not the tourists. It really adds to the atmosphere of the place. I had a locally-brewed amber from this stand that was quite tasty. 500 forint (about $2.25) for a 0.3l drink.

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