Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good-bye Győr, Hello Budapest

I spent the night in Győr at the Hotel Famulus. Just about everyone else staying there was with the English youth judo and karate team. The European championships for youth judo and karate were being held over the weekend in Győr. But I will be missing those because Budapest is calling me.

I got on the train beyond for Budapest-Keleti. It was an express (four stops on the one and a half-hour ride). A quick roll of the luggage bags into the Budapest Metro, then onto a tram, and I was soon at the Hotel Palazzo Zichy, which I'm guessing is named for this gentleman, whose statue is in the small square next to the hotel:

The hotel is at the corner of Maria and Krudy Gyula, catty-corner from a small Catholic Church:

The exterior is sort of that contemporary sleek non-descript look. But the interiors and the rooms are quite nice, albeit European small:

The bathroom even has a drinking fountain for your pets:

Apparently Europeans love to travel with their cats and dogs.

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