Monday, October 3, 2011

Prague After Dark

With a title like that, you think I'm going to lead you on a tour of the after-hours underbelly of Prague. No such luck. The jet lag was still affecting me, so no "Prague after dark" for me.

Walking back from the show, crossing the Charles Bridge, I saw this one bridge statute, a little off the side of the bridge, I had not seen before. I tried to take an artsy shot with the flood-lit National Theater in New Town Prague in the background:

After I crossed the bridge, I decided to hang out in a special after-hours hot spot that was jumping:

Yes. McDonald's. A couple of revelations about the Czech McDonald's. First, the McCafe:

That's a real bakery counter there! They had a selection of pastries and pies that looked awesome. I couldn't try them because of the wheat thing, but we're not talking your fried apple pie pockets here. No. A real slice of cheesecake. A real croissant. At Mickey D's! Oh, and the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder, can't remember which, is a "Royal"! Just like in "Pulp Fiction." The ham-and-mozzarella bites also sounded particuarly awesome. And, yes, like in Germany, McDonald's does sell beer.

After that excitement, there was nothing left to do but walk the empty streets of the Little Quarter back to my hotel for some shut-eye,

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