Monday, October 10, 2011

Last Night in Budapest

My last night in Budapest. Tomorrow morning I fly back to the real world of Las Vegas, Nevada USA.

I was on the Buda side of the river and I planned to eat dinner at the Csalogany 26 Etterem, but it was closed for Monday. So I headed up to the part of town formerly known as Moskzva ter. (They changed the name from translates to "Moscow Square" a few months back, but, with me being Pennsylvanian and all, I like to call things by the name they used to have.) I had dinner at the St. Jupat, known for its huge massive mega-portions (in other words, American-sized) of Hungarian food.

They were out of the beef tenderloin dish done "Budapest style" that ordered last year, so I had to get something else:

I can't recall the description, but this was basically Hungarian pot roast. It was beef and potatos, topped with a thick slab of bacon. Except for the bacon, it would not be too different from what you would get at the Village Pub on Pot Roast Tuesday. It was good. And heavy. But the side order of home-made pickles was most excellent, especially the pickled bell pepper stuffed with shredded cabbage.

I took the long way back to my hotel. I stopped off to see the world-reknowned Gerbaud, one of the fanciest coffee shops in the world. It is very well-known for its cakes and pastries, more so than its coffee.

It was closed for the night. Parliament. Csagolny 26. Gerbaud. All closed. I guess this means that it's time to get back to Las Vegas and back to work. And, with that, this Prague-Bratislava-Eger-Budapest Vacation 2011 blog is closed for the season.

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