Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Old Town Square

See those little white crosses embedded in the pavement? Those are there to commemorate 27 prominent Protestants who were beheaded on that very in 1621, on orders of the Catholic Habsburgs. And people just walk over them like they're part of the sidewalk.

Just one of the many little nuggets in Prague's Old Town Square, which, by the way, is most definitely lousy with tourists:

This is the monument to Jan Hus, one of the original Protestants, pre-Luther, pre-Henry VIII's divorce, martyred in 1415:

He turned his back on the papacy, yet they honor him with a hulkin' hulk of a monument. Go figure. I don't have a clue what these giant metal drums are there for:

One last view across the square:

This is my last full day in Prague. Tomorrow I take the train to the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. It's not a major tourist destination by any means. In other words, it will no be lousy with tourists. But it will break up the train ride from Prague to Budapest, or Gyor, depending on which I choose at my point of entry from Hungary.

Prague has been a great place to visit. Lots to do here. Lots to see. Lots to eat. Yes, it's lousy with tourists (to coin a phrase), but that's because there is so much to do and see here. The churches alone could keep you busy for a week. It's crowded and disorienting and I'm leaving just about when I'm finally getting my bearings.

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